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Verified on Debian 9, amd64.

Unlike some scary instructions may suggest (try searching for 'jolla phone linux connect' or 'jolla phone linux file transfer'), just transferring the pictures taken with the Jolla phone camera to your Debian machine can be done simpler and faster than enabling developer mode on the phone and doing SSH-over-USB. In this case, there happens to be a nice Debian package for the task which requires zero configuration:

  1. connect the Jolla phone via USB, click on 'MTP transfer' in the phone pop-up;
  2. install jmtpfs via your favourite package manager, e.g.:
    $ sudo cupt install jmtpfs
    The following packages will be installed:
    jmtpfs [0.5-2+b2(stretch)]
    libmtp-common [1.1.13-1(stretch)]
    libmtp-runtime [1.1.13-1(stretch)]
    libmtp9 [1.1.13-1(stretch)]
    Need to get 40,1KiB/355KiB of archives. After unpacking 2699KiB will be used.
    Do you want to continue? [y/N/q/a/rc/?] y

  3. mount the data to some user directory, e.g.:
    $ mkdir jolla
    $ jmtpfs jolla
    Device 0 (...) is a Jolla Sailfish (...).

  4. the pictures are ready to be processed by any file manager or picture organiser:
    $ cd jolla/
    $ ls
    Mass storage

  5. after we're done, the directory can be unmounted:
    $ fusermount -u jolla