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Cupt 2.6

Cupt 2.6 is released to Debian unstable. Some prominent changes, citing from NEWS-file:

  • Subcommands 'markauto' and 'unmarkauto' are now first-class management actions: can cause more actions in the same run (usually auto-removals) and
    have positional counterparts '--markauto' and '--unmarkauto'.

  • New options '--asauto=yes', '--asauto=no' and '--asauto=default' to control whether packages, (directly) installed by some management action, should be marked automatically or manually installed.

  • New choice 'rc' (show reason chain) in the actions preview prompt.

  • New options '--select=traditional' and '--select=flexible' to control how many versions of packages are chosen for management actions.

  • New options '--must', '--try', '--wish' and '--importance=' to control management requests' importance, allowing specifying optional requests and
    their priority.

  • New 'functional selectors' ("FSE") syntax for advanced version selection in any subcommands which accept binary/source version expressions. The
    subcommand 'search' got a new option --fse.

  • New, enabled by default, possibility to generate and use index-of-index files to speed up building the package cache.

  • General support for "[ key=value... ]" option syntax in sources.list. Specific support for 'trusted=yes' and 'trusted=no' options.

  • Apply id version suffixes (^) to version strings to differentiate versions with same version string but different/uncomparable hash sums, so no versions are skipped anymore.

  • Support for 'InRelease' metadata files.

  • Numerous improvements in speed and memory usage.

  • All new features, as usual, are introduced in the tutorial. Enjoy and send bug reports!



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Oct. 18th, 2013 01:49 am (UTC)
У меня на нетбуке и стоит сейчас убунту и места мало, так что ставлю что-то крайне редко. Однако всегда помню, что для настоящей работы с пакетами надо использовать именно cupt. Так что огромное спасибо, что работа продолжается и с Днём Рождения!
Oct. 18th, 2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
Спасибо :)
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